This weblog exists to detail the preparation for, execution of, and aftermath of a trip that my girlfriend and I are taking from Gurnee, IL to Spruce Grove, AB, Canada in a 1988 Volkswagen Cabriolet. Sounds like fun, eh?
We’ll be traveling most of the trip in the USA and entering into Canada at the border of Alberta. Approximate distance is 1800 miles.

The People


Me, I’m just your average geek. My luggage contains laptops, an Xbox 360, some gadgets like a GPS, AC inverter, and a radar detector. And don’t forget, a whole lot of tools compacted into one toolbox, not to mention a small hydraulic jack. Oh wait.. some clothes too.


Julie is an amazing girl who’s luggage contains makeup, hair products, clothes, clothes, clothes, some more clothes, and more makeup. And a DS with Pokemon.
And we both have Digital SLR cameras, me a Nikon D50 with 18-200mm VRII lens, hers a Nikon D40 with an 18-55mm and 55-200mm VR lens. Expect photos. Lots of them.

The Transportation

The 1988 VW Cabriolet
The vehicle that will conquer this distance of 1800+ miles is my usually-trusty car, a 1988 VW Cabriolet, Sapphire Metallic Blue, with a 16-valve engine upgrade and manual transmission swap.
I believe it can go the distance, do you?

The Route

Currently the route looks a bit like this. It’s not the most direct route, but it’s the way we have to go to cross the border at Alberta, where Julie is settling as a permanent resident within Canada.

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