So, I uh…

I realized this morning, minutes after the truck left, that my darned passport (and $700 in saved money for the trip) were actually packed in a small cedar chest that I had packed in another of my boxes about 12′ into the truck… I freaked out pretty bad and we even had the truck depot hold the truck there before we found out that I can still cross the border as long as I have a birth certificate and valid ID, which I have both of. Whew. Anyway, the truck is gone and we’re planning on leaving on Sunday now (because Julie has a paper for class to work on and I have to pack the car). So it’s going to be a busy day tomorrow.

Julie and I finally finalized the route we’re driving and any possible stops along the way—the newest route is at It’s looking good for weather, too—more or less.


  1. Ashton

    Have fun!! Let us know when you’re in town, and we can show you around.

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