A long overdue update.

Hello to all five of you out there who have been watching this blog (or rss feed, whichever the case may be) intently for the next update; here it is!

Last week I got my car back, block heater installed, suspension installed, coolant leaks fixed (nearly for free, that one!) and aligned & ready for a trip north-west. The suspension feels nice and solid (thank goodness! I’ve never felt it this nice before) and the block heater works wonders for starting the car in cold. Paul @ Anderesen evaluated the oil leak from the rear main and, upon seeing it was only a drip once and a while, suggested it’s not serious enough to worry about, and spared me (or rather, dad) the $300 to install the Speedi-sleeve. A nice break.

The past few days have been odd. 2 days ago (March 2nd) I went to trial for my “donuts-in-parking-lot” ticket, and didn’t actually need to plead guilty or not guilty — we (me and the cop) “reached an agreement” for me to go on 90 day court supervision. Awesome. I’ll settle for that, and not take my chances with the judge ruling in his favor and complicating my exit from the country further…

When I got my license back from the court, I noticed that it had expired… so we went to the DMV today to renew it, and lo and behold, the entire state’s DMV computer systems were down at the time, so we went back in the evening to get it done. So I have a new license now, which is pretty cool.

It’s looking like the truck will be coming this thursday (it’s actually 1:08 am as I write this, on Wednesday, so that makes it technically tomorrow) and from the sounds of it it’ll be here a week for us to pack it. Time to get our butts in gear.

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