Snow Day

Well it snowed about 4 inches last night, so we didn’t really feel like leaving the house… we worked in my bedroom a little and did some stuff around the house here (after I snowblowed of course). Last night my mom was vacuuming and knocked my made-of-awesome Binary Clock off its pedestal, instant death for it… it caused two prongs on the bottom of the voltage regulator to bend and touch each other, which overheated the voltage regulator, which in turn started putting out 9V instead of 5V, therefore frying the Schmitt trigger IC chip, which I happened to have a spare of. I popped the spare in the socket and fixed some soldering and it was like new. Whew, I worked on that thing for a good month before I got to a final product… glad I could fix it. Anywho, tomorrow we’re hoping there’s no showings so Julie and I can go to her house and do some more work. After which, we do more work here. Like I said, crunch time…

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