“Hectic” is the norm

This morning, I woke to my alarm clock at 6:00 am, Julie promptly pushing the button to silence the little devil… and then I fell back asleep for 20 minutes…
Bad idea. I woke up at 6:25 remembering about work, which began at 7 — I scrambled to the shower and got dressed in my nifty Geek Squad outfit. This was the first day of the last week of work at this Best Buy for me.
That’s because a week ago I put in my two-weeks notice for Best Buy, ending an employment of around 3 and a half months. It was great while it lasted (of course I’d rather be repairing computers full-time than operating a sales counter) and I made some awesome friends at the same time. It also taught me a trick or two about selling things, but I still don’t think I’d be up to par with a used car salesman.

Anyway, after preparing for work in under 30 minutes with time to spare, I turn the key of the Cabriolet (remember, this is the car that’s supposed to get us to Canada) and the battery was too dead to do anything. I leap out of the car and use mom’s car to jump it, getting to work on-time, but I couldn’t clock to work in until 2 minutes after 7, because they were slow to let us in the locked door. Oh well. I was the only person from Geek Squad there in the morning until 10:00am since another coworker called in sick. Thus making the whole day for me hectic. When I went to get lunch, I turn the key of my car — dead. Again. So I run (okay, jog) to Wendy’s across the lot and get myself a bite to eat and walk back. When the day ended, I had to stay waiting for about half an hour for a Best Buy Mobile sales rep that had jumper cables to be available. Eventually we jumped the car and I got myself home.

That’s where the good news starts. I saw a giant box on the front step when I pulled up to the house. Some of my suspension parts has arrived! They’re the rear shocks, Sachs Super Touring. 😀 The rest of it should be here tomorrow.
Rear Shocks
So over the course of weeks, Julie and I have come upon some rules we’re making for ourselves during the trip:

  1. Refill the gas tank when it reaches half-empty. That makes sure we have enough gas to even get to a gas station, considering that there are long stretches without gas stations.
  2. Look for lodging early, not at 2am, like we did on our last trip (what joy it is to roll into a town at 2am and discover everyone is booked because of a stupid “convention”…
  3. Stop every few hours for resting. I am the main driver because Julie doesn’t know how to drive manual completely yet, so I need to rest once and a while.
  4. Don’t hesitate to stop to take pictures of interesting things. 😉
  5. Eat lots of Red Vines and Gorp, and drink lots of Jones. Ok, well I just made that one up, but who knows…

Now on to packing more of my stuff.. Some of my computers are being turned off for the first time in several months tonight…

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