A post for yesterday..

The trip is going wonderfully.

It’s 5:04 p.m. on Monday and it’s incredibly sunny, the temperature hitting around 65 F degrees as we’ve been driving. Andrew and I are both wearing t-shirts and earlier in the day he said with a growl “it’s too hot”… apparently he doesn’t know where he’s headed.

We’re driving 75 miles an hour and flat sparse land is passing us by with only highway signs, trees, and houses planted on it. The only disadvantage to driving this fast is a pitched whistle that occurs from the Cabriolet’s convertible top.. otherwise it’s fine. Earlier today we visited Falls Park in Sioux Falls, which at first I mistook to be a sole one foot high waterfall. (It’s good we turned the corner.) For all concerned with Andrew’s cheese level; he ordered cheese curds earlier today, so it has been met. 😉

I can’t believe in a couple of days I’ll be able to see family again.



  1. Lol! The cheese comment made my day! I love the Cheese Boy! 😛 Miss you guys. Say hi to Liz for me when you get there, since I didn’t get to officially say goodbye. She forgot to say goodbye to me before she left for Scott’s. =[ Its likely she didn’t know I was leaving that afternoon, I guess, but I though she did. -shrugs-

    Glad its going well! -love and hugs-

    -Hannah aka Banana aka Soffish

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