Day One

In the morning we scurried around the house trying to find everything that we wanted to pack and ended finding much more than we really anticipated, but we made it all fit… we also decided to make ourselves some little bumper sticker logo things for the trip (see pictures in the gallery at the end of the post).

On our first day of travel we left the house at about 12:30 (an hour and a half later than we meant) and went to Grandpa’s house to say goodbye, which was emotional for everyone involved.

We then headed up to Milwaukee, then to Madison, then Wisconsin Dells, where we stopped at a place called Mirror Lake State Park. Turned out to be nothing really all that special, but we got some nice photos out of it. We worked our way through Wisconsin until we finally crossed the Mississippi into Minnesota where we drove another few hundred miles to finally end, as planned, in Fairmont, MN. Nice little town. The car gave us absolutely no troubles, I’m very glad. Time for me to go to bed, I say.


  1. Ashton

    Nice scenery, and nice bumper stickers!

  2. topbob

    Good times

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